Getting the perfect Wedding Songs Arrangements for your big day

Wednesday 03 January 2018 at 03:48 am

The wedding music both during your service and your reception is an extremely significant piece of your critical day. Don’t spoil with kisses what music achieves with ears. Your music ought to be deliberately chosen and played by experts. Selecting your own music for your wedding permits personalization of your wedding.

In a perfect world, your music ought to set a state of mind and mirror the style of your festival. From the minute the triumphal parade at the church to the bridal _dance at the church. The music ought to simply stream along with the mood.

Your music ought to compliment your improvements, your venue and your own styles. Nobody needs to hear a traditional music piece one moment and substantial metal the following.

Weddings are subjected to a ton of variety as per the custom, culture and religion. Each of the traditions has their own standards. Music being a basic piece of the Indian culture, the variety in wedding music is clear because of the vicinity of a multi-religious society. Regarding the matter of the connection of Nair wedding, the substance is very special and different. A Nair wedding nearly takes after the customs of a Hindu marriage. Subsequently the music course of action, which sets the genuine kind of the service, is entirely different from alternate types of music.

Do you know what I think about music?

If man is the best creation of God then music is the best creation of man.  It not only touches the heart but also manifests the implicit humanity and sensitivity which has separated man from animal. Great music for example songs of Rabindranath Tagore both patriotic and spiritual have stirred the whole world. The music of R. N Rahaman in different films have touched millions of souls. Music breaks all divisions of race, religion, cast and creed. It is a wonderful force which can bring and establish international peace, love and brotherhood. What speeches and articles cannot do ,the magic of music can do easily and naturally.Infinite salutes to music.

According to my lovely wife:

Music isn’t just a tune or a beat or some words that rhyme, it has meaning and music is the most comforting soul when there’s no one around to comfort you. Without music life would be a soulless place full of mourn and dread. No matter what you’re feeling there’s a song out there waiting to be listened to and that’s the beauty about it. So many different categories and genres it’s a whole new world that you have to explore and decipher through so you can hear what you like, what makes you tap your feet, what puts a hop to your step, or what touches your heart when your down.

One time I was at a jazz concert with my mom and I said to her “why are there no words to this song” (I was about 7ish) she said “This is jazz music, you have to feel the music, the words are there you just don’t hear them yet” I looked at her perplexed and then I realized my feet started moving and I was dancing to the music and soon so was everyone else.

The emotions were portrayed on the people’s faces of happiness and joy.. then a more slow beat tempo was played afterwards and the people calmed down it was different. I didn’t dance instead I felt the need to sit and soak everything in. That’s when I realized words don’t make a song. When the concert was over my mom wanted to talk to some jazz musician so she dragged me along. All I remember was asking him “where did you find the music” He said that music is all around us it’s in the trees in the streets in the oceans even when you sleep. He smiled and then said you have to listen carefully. So that day I learned that music is life and it lives in the veins of this world.

So yes I believe music really makes the world go round :)